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October 2019 Release


Flosum is continuously innovating and improving our products. Below you will find some of the notable changes included in our October 2019 release. 

If you are ready to upgrade to the latest version of Flosum, Data Migrator or any of our integration packages, please log a ticket in our Support Portal or contact your Customer Success Manager. Be sure to include the Org ID ('00D...') as well as a window of time when you would like to schedule the upgrade.

Quick Retrieval

Our new Quick Retrieval feature enables Flosum users to automatically retrieve changes from developers’ sandboxes. After a one-time configuration, you can pull in the latest changes quickly and easily by clicking the "Retrieve Latest Changes" button at the Org level. Quick Retrieval automatically captures all changes in the org, eliminating the need to remember which components were changed and when. This feature also adds estimated changed-on dates to allow for better tracking.


Impact Analysis at the Branch Level

In previous versions of Flosum, this feature was only available at the Deployment level. Now you can see what impact your branch will have on the target branch before you merge. From a Branch, click "Impact Analysis" and select your target branch or org. The analysis will display which components are the same, which are new and which are different. Conflicts can be resolved on this screen to produce an updated version of the Branch with the merged code.

Validate Only Role

This new role gives a user permission to validate against an org without the ability to deploy to that org. Users with the Validate Only role can also pull in changes from that org. The Validate Only role provides more permissions than the Developer role, which can only pull in changes, and fewer permissions than the Release Manager role, which can pull in changes, validate against and deploy to the org. Please see this article for more information on our current Security Model.

Pull Request 2.0

Flosum has enhanced our Pull Request feature with new notification, governance and enforcement options to enable peer code review. The feature will now notify the requester via email when a pull request has been approved or rejected. Teams can now enforce their code review process by requiring that a pull request be approved before merging, committing to the repository or adding to a deployment. The latest version also offers the options to restrict which users can approve pull requests, add approvers to an existing pull request and suspend or re-open a pull request. 

Merge Editor 2.0

Lightning Testing Service (LTS) Execution 

Flosum now offers Lightning Testing Service (LTS) execution at the Org level for a more robust testing solution. Lightning Testing Service (LTS) is a new suite of testing tools from Salesforce. With LTS, you can write automated tests to ensure your components function as expected. Follow this link for setup instructions or to learn more. 

Sub-tabs at the Branch Level

In the latest release, Flosum has added sub-tabs at the Branch level to help you find the data need you faster by minimizing the need to scroll. Users can now quickly access important details, such as Pull Requests and Code Quality, by clicking on the relevant sub-tab. 

SSH Authentication for Integrations

Flosum now offers SSH authentication for integrations. An SSH key is an authentication credential to enable secure network connections between systems. This key encrypts the user's credentials and data being exchanged.

JIRA Integration 2.0 

Our enhanced JIRA integration allows Flosum users to connect their release management environment with their JIRA environment for enhanced project management and tracking capabilities. Users can create JIRA tickets from Flosum objects like Branches, search for JIRA tickets in Flosum and link the appropriate JIRA ticket to a Flosum Salesforce object. To better track tickets or user stories, Flosum can now be configured to update the status of a JIRA ticket based on the progress of the associated Deployment to various orgs such as QA, UAT or Prod. 


Azure DevOps Integration 2.0

Flosum has revamped our TFS/Azure DevOps integration to make it more robust and user-friendly. This integration allows users to configure the Projects they desire to work with in your TFS/Azure DevOps instance. Users can also create Work Items, search for them in a preconfigured Project and link Work Items to a Salesforce Record. The integration displays the linked Work Items in a lightning component on the Detail page of the associated Salesforce Record.







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