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Lightning Test Service


This new feature is available in package version 2.466 and later. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need to schedule an upgrade. Before using this feature, register a domain in the Flosum org and update the callback URL of the connected app by using the Settings tab.

What is Lightning Test Service (LTS)?

Lightning Testing Service (LTS) is a suite of testing tools from Salesforce. With LTS, you can write automated tests to ensure your components function as expected.

LTS supports standard JavaScript test frameworks and provides wrappers for using the Jasmine and Mocha testing frameworks. If you would like to use a different testing framework, you can create your own Aura component wrappers.

To learn more or install LTS, please refer to this guide from Salesforce. 

How to use LTS in Flosum

To run a lightning test in an org, you would first select the “Lightning Test” button on the Deployment page or on the Org page.




After clicking this button, Flosum will redirect you to a page where you will select an org in which to execute the test. (This step does not apply when you select "Lightning Test" at the org level.) 


After selecting an org, if you have “Release Manager” org permissions, it will list all lightning components of that org.

Now to execute a test, you would select a test suite and click on the login and redirect button.


Please note:

The org must have the Lightning Test Service package and scripts to execute tests

Do not install LTS in a production org. Lightning tests don’t run in an isolated testing context, and DML operations you perform in a test are not rolled back when the test is complete. 

We can't identify test suite from the list of AuradefinitionBundle components, so please select a test suite manually.


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