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Source Code Analysis - Apex PMD


** Please be advised, this feature requires a Heroku Account.

Step 1: In Heroku, go to the 'Settings' tab. 

Step 2:  Scroll down until you see the section 'Config Vars' and select the button 'Reveal Config Vars'

Step 3: Fill in Key 1 with username and enter the value as "user". Select the "Add" button for Key 2 password; the value for this field should read "pass". Select the "Add" button.  (See Fig. 1.) 



Fig. 1 


Step 4: Scroll down on the 'Settings' page, until you see the section that reads 'Domains & Certificates'. Copy the Heroku domain.

Step 5: Go to the 'Deploy' tab. Scroll down and click on 'Github App'. Connect to 'FlosumHerokuConn' Git, and select repository as 'HerokuService'. 

Step 6: Scroll down to the 'Manual Deployment' section. Select Branch 'dx-version-512M', and then click 'Deploy Branch'. 

Step 7: In Flosum, select the 'Setup' gear, and then find 'Security Controls'. Once you have selected security controls, you will then choose 'Remote Site Settings'.

Step 8: In the 'Remote Site Settings', select the button 'New Remote Site'.

Step 9: Create a new Remote Site Name, and then paste the Domain URL that we copied earlier from Heroku in the "Remote Site URL" field. (See Fig. 2.) 


Fig. 2


Step 10: In Flosum, select the 'Settings' tab and locate the section 'External Service Settings'. 

Step 11: Fill in the 'External Service Settings' with the values from Heroku, as shown in Fig. 3. Then select the 'Save' button. (You should receive a green success message.)



Fig. 3


Step 12: Once you have saved that information and received the success message, select the 'Get Token' button. This will generate a token that will need to be copied. 

Step 13: In Heroku, under the 'Settings' tab, scroll down until you see the section 'Config Vars'.

Step 14:  Under the section 'Config Vars' you will add the key, sftoken and the value as the token from Flosum. Then select 'Add'.  (See Fig. 4.)


Fig. 4


Step 15: In Flosum, go back to the  'External Service Settings' and select "Validate". Once this is complete, you will see the success message "Heroku is Tuned Up" . 

Step 16: Staying in Flosum, scroll up until you see the section 'Source Code Analyzer'. Under this section, you will select the box that reads "Code Review for each commit"  and then move the components that you wish to be reviewed into the right section. Select the 'Save" button. (See Fig 5. )



Fig. 5


You can now begin using Static Code Analysis!  






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