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Native Jira Integration


Flosum Salesforce Jira Connector allows users to configure and link the connector to their Jira environment. It also allows users to create Jira issues from a Flosum Salesforce object, search for Jira issues from within Salesforce and link Jira issues to a Flosum Salesforce object.

Set Up Guide


1. Create named credentials for Jira (Setup/Named Credential/new).


2. Click Flosum-Jira Connector in the App Launcher.


3. Go to Admin Settings Tab and select named credentials you created in step one.



4. Go to the Projects Tab to setup permissions for your projects to be able to create Jira tickets against Flosum from Salesforce and link to Flosum objects.


You’ll see a list of available Jira projects. 

Read checkbox allows users to search and relate Issues to Salesforce objects. 

Write checkbox allows users to create issue against a Salesforce Flosum object. New Feature value will be selected by default on the connector lightning component. 

Issue Types To Sync  - list of available issue types which will be available for creating Jira issues from Salesforce Lightning components.

Default Project – project selected by default on our Lightning components against Flosum Salesforce object.


5. Configure Jira Issue Type field access. In the Projects Section you'll see a list of tabs mapped to each Jira project name. After you click on any Project tab, for example “ConfResolution” you’ll see another set of tabs which represent available issue types for each project to configure. This tab contains list of available fields for current issue type (in our case “Task”). Please check checkboxes opposite to each field if you’d like it to be available when creating Jira Issue from our Lightning component later.


6. Now let’s create Lightning actions “Create Jira Issue.”



7. Do the same for “Search for Jira Ticket.”



8. Add “Create Jira Issue” and “Search for Jira Ticket” to page layout.



9. With the help of Lightning App Builder, please add Jira_FetchIssues Lightning component to a page layout:



User Experience


10. Now the app is configured and we are ready to use it. Let’s open our Salesforce object now and click on “Create Jira Issue” button. 



11. When “Saved” a Jira issue will be created.



12. If you click the “Search Jira issue” button, a popup will open and we’ll be able to search and link a Jira issue to a Flosum Salesforce object:




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