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Flosum TFS Connector Setup & User Guide


Flosum TFS Salesforce Connector allows you to configure connection with your TFS instance as well as create Work Items, search for them in a preconfigured Project and link to a Salesforce Record. Connector will also display linked Work Items related to a Salesforce Record in a lightning component when viewing Salesforce record detail page.


1.) Create 2 named credentials – one for authorization and another for searching work items (Fig. 1 & Fig. 2)                      


                                                               Fig. 1 

TFS__2.png                                                         Fig. 2 


2.) Go to TFS App, setup connection; (Fig. 3) 



                                                             Fig. 3  

3.) Please select Projects tab of TFS connector Configuration page to create Projects and Configure Work Items to Sync. This tab also allows to select Read/Write access to allow Search/Create Work Items from Salesforce objects as well as choose default Work Type (Fig. 4)



                                                                Fig. 4 


4.) Create Project button allows to create a project in TFS without log in separately to TFS. (Fig. 5 & Fig. 6) 



                                                          Fig. 5



                                                                  Fig. 6



 5.) Select default work item, set read/write access and save. (Fig. 7) 



                                                         Fig. 7



6.) Click on Fields Configuration to select fields for sync: (Fig. 8) 



                                                    Fig. 8 


7.) After initial configuration is done, we’ll need to create buttons to Create and Search Work Items and place them to a Salesforce object page layout. You can create buttons on any Salesforce object you’d like to sync:v   (Fig. 9 &  Fig. 10) 


                                                              Fig. 9 




                                                    Fig.  10 


8.) Next,  place recently created buttons on Page layout for a Salesforce object   (Fig. 11) 



                                                           Fig. 11


9.)  To view created Work Items on UI side, we’ll need to add our lightning components to a Salesforce Object you’d like to sync: (Fig. 12) 




                                                                             Fig 12 


10.) Now you should be able to see 2 buttons: “Search TFS tickets” and “Create Work Item” as well as Lightning component displaying linked Work Items to your Salesforce record: (Fig 13)



                                                              Fig. 13


11 ) On click of Search TFS tickets a popup will appear to allow you to search for Work Items and link them to a Salesforce record: (Fig. 14)



                                                Fig. 14

12) Create Work Item allows to create a Work Item in TFS with a help of a popup: (Fig. 15) 



                                                        Fig. 15



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