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Pull Request / Code Review


Flosum now has the capability to request for code reviews from other stakeholders. This is done using the "Pull Request" button available at the branch level. Requests can be made to multiple stakeholders, they can give comments and Approve/Reject the change.

The Pull Request is initiated from the branch using the "Pull Request" button. 


Clicking on the Pull Request, opens the following screen. Multiple Approvers can be selected on this screen and a Pull Request created. 

When a Pull Request is created, an email is sent to all the selected Approvers with a link to review the branch code. The link opens the following screen. 



Click on the "Review" button in the above screen. This brings up the following screen. It has a list of all the components in the Deployment and how they compare with the target org. The comments for the review can be left using the Chatter channel feature and other users can be added as followers. 



Clicking the "View Detail" button in above screen, gives the following screen where the differences between the components can be seen. 


 The reviewers can Approve/Reject a Pull Request also. 



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