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April 2019 Release


Flosum is continuously working to innovate and improve its products and service offerings. Below you will find some of the notable changes for the April 2019 release. If you are ready to upgrade to the latest version of any of our packages, please log a ticket in our Support Portal (Be sure to include the Org ID ('00D...') as well as a window of time that works best for our team to schedule the upgrade). 


Branch Level Pipelining

In earlier versions of Flosum, even though CICD could be enabled/disabled at branch level but the sequence of orgs that it would automatically deploy to, was defined at the Repository level only. All the branches that belonged to a Repository, could deploy to the sequence defined for the Repository. Now it is possible to define the sequence of orgs for every branch. Please note that your old CI settings will no longer be available after the upgrade and you will need to redefine your CI settings using the new structure. Click here to access detailed instructions on how to set up the new pipeline feature. 


Impact Analysis 

Before doing a Deployment, this feature allows you to see what impact the deployment will have on the target org. From a Deployment, the "Impact Analysis" button can be clicked and the target org selected. You can see what components are the same, which are new and which are different. The difference between the component version in the Deployment and the one in the org can be viewed and if needed a Merge can be done right there and then to update the Deployment with the merged code. Click here for a detailed article on Impact Analysis. 


Metadata API Release 45

Flosum remains in synch with the latest version of the Metadata API published by Salesforce. This version of Flosum supports version 45 of the API. This version of the API has support for many new component types and enhancements to the way Flows are handled. Since this version of the Metadata API is not compatible with previous versions, you might need to pull the metadata again for some components that might have been pulled using previous version of Flosum.  Click here for a detailed article on changes due to Metadata API version 45. 


Pull Requests/Code Reviews

Flosum now has the capability to request for code reviews from other stakeholders. This is done using the "Pull Request" button available at the branch level. Requests can be made to multiple stakeholders, they can give comments and Approve/Reject the change. Click here for a detailed article on Pull Requests. 


New Editor in Snapshot Comparison screen

The new component comparison editor has been implemented on the Snapshot Comparison screen. This allows for an updated comparison view as well as the ability to  compare all the files in multi file components.  Please click here for further details. 


Edit multi-file components in Branches and Deployments

When editing class files in the Deployment or Branch, only the .cls file was available for editing. Now the meta-xml file is also available for edit. This allows you to change the API version for classes. Also multiple file components like AuraDefinitionBundles can now be edited. Please click here for further details. 


Choice to store or not the merged component version in source branch

When a component was merged, the merged version was stored in both the source branch and the target branch as the latest version. Now you have a choice to not store the merged version in source branch but only in the target branch. Please refer to the screenshot below. 



Enhancements to the Merge Editor to allow line or block level merging

The new version of the Merge Editor allowed to do block level merges which increased the efficiency of the merge operation manifold. However, in certain situations line level merge is needed. Now the merge screen can be switched between block and line level merging at a single click. Please refer to the screenshot below. 




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