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Rollbacks: Getting Started


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If there is a failure during deployment, the entire deployment is automatically rolled back. But what happens when you have had a successful deployment and realize that you need to undo the changes? Flosum's Rollback feature allows you to do just that with the click of a button!
Most customers have to spend hours and days in reversing the deployed changes. Flosum reverses the changes in minutes!

How does Rollback work?

Before deployment, rollback automatically saves the current state of the destination org in Flosum. Let's assume that your deployment will make the following changes:
  • Deploy three new components
  • Modify seven existing components
Just before starts the deployment, it does the following:
  • Saves instructions to remove the 3 components during rollback.
  • Retrieves the current version of the 7 components from the target organization and saves it in Flosum.
At the time of rollback, Flosum will remove the 3 components and restore the 7 components.
Now, You Try It!

Rollback a Deployment

  1. In the "Deployments" Tab, select the deployment that you want to rollback. [Assumption: You have successfully deployed this deployment earlier. If the deployment was not applied earlier, it cannot be rolled back.]
  2. Click on Rollback
  3. Select the Target Org that you want to rollback from
  4. Pick the Target Deployment Log corresponding to this deployment
  5. Click on Rollback
  6. Wait until the rollback completes. Do not close the browser until the rollback is finished. Upon Completion, a Success message will appear. 
  7. Log in to the target org. You should find that the previous state of org has been restored.

Nice Job! And yes, rollback really was that easy!

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