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The Flosum Trial Experience





The Flosum Experience

Salesforce is a fantastic platform for quickly building and updating applications. However, it lacks the enterprise-grade application lifecycle management capabilities required to ensure proper governance and change management.
Unlike most applications in the marketplace, Flosum is much more than data or metadata migration. It is a full Application Lifecycle Management solution. 

What Makes Flosum Different?

There are many options when it comes to Application Lifecycle Management on Salesforce, but what sets Flosum apart from the rest?
  • The only native solution, built completely within Salesforce, built completely for Salesforce
  • The only release management solution currently approved for government use
  • Flosum is the only solution that supports all Salesforce component types - such as lightning components, static resources and aura definition bundles
  • With Flosum, you get a full lifecycle management solution, coupled with compliance and governance reporting, audit trail logs, and a personal Success Management team that is dedicated to your success.
  • No additional pricing, no hidden costs. It's all included.

What does it do?

It starts with managing the following: application requirements, environment management, release management processes, version control and continuous integration and testing.

The Typical Deployment Experience

As developers deploy changes from org-to-org, over a period, they create many ANT scripts and/or Changesets. It can be extremely painstaking because it must be done manually, requires extensive knowledge and expertise and it can be very difficult to keep track of who made the changes, approved the changes and deployed the changes, etc. There is a complete loss of visibility, manageability and traceability. 

Where the Madness Ends

Flosum sits at the heart of your Salesforce ecosystem and orchestrates all the changes across the ecosystem. It works like a traffic light, ensuring that developers don't overwrite each other's changes. In addition, it provides full visibility and traceability into the changes (who made them, when they were done and what details were modified). This allows the development madness to end and structured organization to begin - saving your company time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted development costs.

What is Flosum?

Flosum is the most robust, easy-to-use Salesforce Enterprise edition Lifecycle Application Management tool on the market. In it's essence, Flosum is a separate Enterprise edition org (not a sandbox) that connects to your development, test and production orgs and acts as an orchestration hub between them. 
All of the components for the solution: the separate Flosum org, Salesforce platform licenses and the Salesforce platform licenses for each of the users are all procured and supplied by Flosum so there is no hassle. 

Flosum Architecture

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