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Post - Upgrade Steps for Data Migrator



After a fresh installation, there is no need for any additional steps; Dataplier is ready for use.

After an upgrade, it’s necessary to reset Dataplier’s data model, FLS, layouts for its pages, etc. This does not affect any data you have created.

In newer versions, this page can be opened by clicking on the button “Reset to Defaults” on the Settings tab (see in article Settings tab).



Select the relevant profiles in the above screen and Click on the button “Update” to update the settings.

Note: If this page has never been used, one can see the error “IO Exception: Unauthorized endpoint” (Fig.1.1b). In this case create a new Remote site settings record (the error message shows where to create it), with a name of your choice and the URL that shows up in your error message, then repeat the update procedure.




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