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January 2019 Release


Flosum is continuously working to innovate and improve its products and service offerings. Below you will find some of the notable changes for the January 2019 release. If you are ready to upgrade to the latest version of any of our packages, please log a ticket in our Support Portal (Be sure to include the Org ID ('00D...') as well as a window of time that works best for our team to schedule the upgrade). 


Continuous Retrieval

Flosum can be configured in tandem with Local Flosum to move any changes being made in the org on which Local Flosum is to the Main Flosum org automatically on a schedule. This will reduce the need for snapshots. All changes will be available on Flosum automatically as a related list (see Fig. 1) in an Org Record for further processing in Branches and Deployments.

**Attention- for our current local Flosum users, please be sure to uninstall Local Flosum then reinstall it in order to take these new features. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to get the latest package version.**


Fig 1

New & Improved Merge Editor

Our new Merge Editor (see Fig. 2) is more powerful than ever. It allows for jumping from one change to the next, and editing metadata directly in the editor view instead of opening a different window.


                                             Fig 2

Patches to Deployments

To improve usability and intuitiveness of Flosum, patches have now been renamed to Deployments. The functionality of the tab remains completely the same. 

Git integration now supports DX folder structure 

Flosum has enhanced the git integration to support the latest DX folder structure on the git side. You will need to upgrade the java app on Heroku with this release of Flosum. 

Bulk components delete limit in Repository increased 

In earlier versions, you could only delete 2,000 components at a time. The limit has been increased to 20,000 components in this version.

ProfileActionsOverride is now supported

ProfileActionsOverride values can now be retrieved and deployed using either Profiles or a Custom Application. 

Replace Suffix functionality enhanced

Replace Suffix functionality in a Deployment to do a Find and Replace is now supported for more Component Types. It can now be used for Apex Components and Custom Metadata. 

Recreate Snapshot 

When opening an existing snapshot, you will see a "Recreate Snapshot" button. This allows you to create a new snapshot record with the same parameters as the Snapshot from which you selected to be recreated. The criteria can be refined further per your needs and the snapshot run.


Original version retained when merging

Previously, when merging two branches, if a component had a conflict on its merge, it was only the merged version that was stored in the source branch. The original version in the source branch was overwritten. In this new version the original and the merged version both are saved in the source branch. 

Deployments can be done via Javascript or Apex

In the Settings tab, you now have the ability to configure the Deployment Method. It can be set to either Javascript or Apex. For deployments greater than 6 MB in size, Javascript will be used by default. 

Update Callback URL button on the Settings tab

There is a new button the Settings tab called "Update Callback URL." This comes in handy if your Flosum org is migrated from one server to another. This button will update the callback URLs in the connected apps with a single click. 

Decide what Managed Package components to retrieve

In Create Snapshot, you can now select which managed packages components should be included in the snapshot. By default, no managed package components are retrieved. 


Local Flosum Changes


Setting to allow changes to move to Flosum org automatically on a schedule

In the Settings Tab in Local Flosum, you now have the option of setting the schedule on which any changes since the last run will be moved to the Org Record in Main Flosum. 

Ability to retry a deployment to your Local org

In Local Flosum, you have the ability to retrieve components from the Repository or a branch in Main Flosum into Local Flosum. You can then try to deploy these components to the Local org and if any Conflicts occur when deploying, they can be merged to proceed with the deployment. Previously if the deployment failed, these merged components were lost and the whole process had to be repeated.

In our new version, this Deployment is stored in Local Flosum and can be refined and re-tried. 

Parent and Child components allowed in the same commit

Previous versions of Local Flosum, would not allow parent and child components to be part of the same deployment to Local Org. e.g. you could not deploy a Custom Field and the object it belonged to, together in a deployment. In our new version, this is now possible.


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