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October 2018 Release

Flosum is continuously working to innovate and improve its products and service offerings. Below you will find some of the notable changes for the October 2018 release. If you are ready to upgrade to the latest version of any of our packages, please log a ticket in our Support Portal (Be sure to include the Org ID ('00D...') as well as a window of time for our team to schedule the upgrade). 

Salesforce DX: Create Scratch Orgs 

Scratch Orgs can be created with a click of a button from Org records in Flosum. Various options can be selected to populate with scratch orgs with various features. For more information please see this article - SalesforceDX Scratch Org Creation




Flosum is now Lightning ready!

Flosum can be used in both Lightning and Classic mode now. The Lightning version brings all the power of the latest technologies to provide a much more aesthetic user experience.



Metadata Search

This feature allows users to search for a string across all snapshots, branches or repositories. It also allows you to choose a subset of records to search within e.g. only a particular repository or branch. 



Edit Component in Branches

It is now possible to edit the metadata of a component in a branch. This functionality was available only in a patch earlier and is now available at branch level also. 



Enhanced Profile Comparison

The snapshot comparison screen now has the option to do profile comparisons specifically. This screen has a much simpler and elegant UI to compare the differences between 2 profile versions.  




Rollback Commits to the Repository

If a commit is made to the Repository and later for some reason you would like to remove all the components in that commit from the Repository, now you have ability to rollback a Repository commit. 


Ability to merge static resources

The conflict and merge functionality now supports certain types of static resource files (e.g. ".js"). However, image files are not supported. 


Flosum upgraded to latest Metadata API version

Flosum now uses version 43 of the Metadata API. It provides metadata access to some new component types. This version of Metadata API is not fully backward compatible so some precreated snapshots or patches might need to be recreated to pull in the components using the latest Metadata API version.


Data Migrator & Local Flosum

We have also made some enhancements to our other applications - Data Migrator and Local Flosum. 


To upgrade to the latest version of any of our packages, please log a ticket in our Support Portal.

Be sure to include the Org ID ('00D...') as well as a window of time for our team to schedule the upgrade. 

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    Leanas Nixon

    SalesforceDX Scratch Org Creation link is broken.

    Leanas Nixon.

  • Avatar
    raj sedani

    Still broken :-) You're not authorized to access this page

  • Avatar

    Link is still broken.
    [Create Scratch Org] action button is not showing,
    is there any settings or the ways to use Flosum in LEX?
    It needs to install another package for LEX?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar
    Caity Stark

    Hi all!
    Thank you for that! The above link should be available for access now!!

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    At Org tab, we can't connect the org which is created in Winter'19.
    but we can connect the org which is created before Winter'19.

    is there issue about it?

    it is going to connection destination org and got following error.


    Edited by Khaing