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How to delete a repository?


Please follow these steps to delete a repository:
1)Delete all branches related to the repository manually one by one.
2)You can execute following code to delete a repository in developer console:

//to delete commit manifest
delete [SELECT Id FROM Flosum__Commit_Manifest__c WHERE Flosum__Component_History__r.Flosum__Component__r.Flosum__Repository__c = '<RepositoryId>'];

//to delete build manifest
delete [SELECT Id FROM Flosum__Build_Manifest__C WHERE Flosum__Component_History__r.Flosum__Component__r.Flosum__Repository__c = '<RepositoryId>'];

//to delete components of repository
delete [SELECT Id FROM Flosum__Component__C WHERE Flosum__Repository__c = '<RepositoryId>'];

//To delete repository
delete [SELECT Id FROM Flosum__Repository__c WHERE Id = '<RepositoryId>'];

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