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Flosum April 2018 Release

Flosum is continuously working to innovate and improve its products and service offerings. Below you will find some of the notable changes for the April 2018 release.

Major improvements to the Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment, including the following features:

  1. Continuous Deployment can now be enabled for specific branches only. 
  2. Continuous Deployment can now be configured to run a validation or a deployment.
  3. The automatic deployments generate a deployment that can be used to rollback if needed. 
  4. Continuous Deployment now works when merging branches or populating them using Local Flosum. 

Ability to search and replace in deployment manifest

This allows to search for a string and replace it with another string in any selected components in patch manifest list. 

Option to search and bulk delete components in branch

It is now possible to search for components in a branch and bulk delete them.

Ability to add an OR filter on component names in snapshot

 Now it is possible to do an OR search with the Component names filter in Snapshots. Just comma separate your component names in the field and it will treat it as an OR search.

Added 'Select All' option when going from branch to deployment

Previously when selecting components in a branch to be transferred to a deployment, it was only possible to do it by selecting all the components in a page. Now with a single click all the components in a branch can be marked for transfer to patch

Local Flosum can pull from branches also now

With the latest release, Local Flosum can now pull code from the Repository or a branch in Main Flosum. For this feature, the latest release of Local and Main version both are needed. 

Schedule Snapshots

It is possible to schedule snapshot creation now. A snapshot could be scheduled on an org every night for example to see all the changes that were done on the org the previous day. 


1. In Local Flosum, Ctr+F did not work on Component types list popup. Now it does. 


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