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Continuous Deployments


Continuous Deployments is used to automatically deploy changes made in branches and the repository. In the current implementation, this functionality kicks off when commits are made

1) from snapshot to branch and

2) from branch to repository.
Both the deployment through native apex code (there are some limits in this part which can prevent a successful deployment. It will mostly not work for packages greater than 3MB) and the deployment through proxy server on Heroku are supported. In the latter case, the limits are up to 10,000 components by number and 39 MB by size for packages to be deployed.


Please go to this link to deploy CI using the external Heroku app. 

Please follow the steps below to enable CI without using external Heroku app. 

CI Setup 

1. Click on the Settings tab in Flosum. 

2. Scroll down in the Settings page to the Repository section

3. Select the repository for which you would like to enable CI. You will get the below screen. 



4. Check the checkbox for "Deploy changes in Repository" if you would like to auto-deploy your code when it is added to the selected Repository. 

5. Check the checkbox for "Deploy changes in Branches" if you would like to auto-deploy your code when it is added to any branch associated with the repository. 

6. Leave the checkbox "Use External Service for Deployment" unchecked. This ensures the Heroku service is not called when auto-deploying. 

7. Add Orgs to the Selected Organizations list that you would like to deploy automatically to. 

8. Select the "Pipeline Deployment style". If "Continue on Failure" is selected, then the deployments will be tried on all the selected orgs even if it fails in some of the orgs. If "Stop on Failure" is selected, then the deployments start from the top of the selected list of orgs and stop at whatever org it fails to deploy successfully. 

9. Use the "Run Tests on Deployment" drop-down list to select the type of tests to run on each org when deploying. 

10. Click the Save button in that Repository section. 

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