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Static Code Analysis


Static Code Analysis is an essential tool for quality software development. Since Flosum stores all the Salesforce related code of your Org, it makes sense to integrate it with a Code Analysis tool to ensure the quality of your code. 

Currently, Flosum supports code analysis for Apex classes, triggers and VisualForce pages.

Automated code scan is run on each commit to branch. For each branch 2 fields are displaying the status of review process and number of found issues:

If the number of issues > 0, then the attachment is created with the name Review-<Date of review> and detail description of problematic components (with number of line and short explanatory text):
classes/ClassOne.cls:24: Avoid DML statements inside loops

Total 43 rules for Apex code (split into 6 categories: Best Practices, Code Style, Design, Error Prone, Performance, Security) and 2 rules for VisualForce’s markup are supported, the latest actual list can be found on:


Please go this link to setup this integration. 

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    Kyle Merryman

    I can't access the link in this article at the bottom that says "Please go this link to setup this integration." I get a 404 error for https://support.flosum.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001206993

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    Leanas Nixon


    Any configuration option available to exclude few rules for Apex and VF?

    Leanas Nixon.