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Upgrade policies


At Flosum, we listen to you (our customers) and upgrade our solutions based on your feedback.

Flosum releases new software 3 to 6 times every year. Some releases are minor, and other releases are major. Almost every release has new features & enhancements.

Here is how it works:

The Customer Success Executive at Flosum is in constant touch with you and will inform you about upcoming upgrades.

The new features are reviewed and discussed with you for every upgrade. If you see enough business value in the new release, you can choose to upgrade.

At Flosum, we carefully schedule the upgrade so that it does not interfere with your internal deployment schedules. Upgrades are carried out with due consent from you. Flosum recommends you not request upgrades during the two weeks before, or two weeks after, your own internal deployments.

Flosum does not upgrade our customers in the middle of a Salesforce release. So, Flosum will not upgrade your org during the two weeks before, or two weeks after, the release from Salesforce.


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