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Resetting the Repository


Please be very careful in resetting the repository. This warning is to ensure your success and prevent you from encountering issues.

Please do not use this script without prior consultation from Flosum.

If the repository is reset, many of the patches will not work; this will be compounded if the components within them come from branches.

Please ensure that you have you have management approvals and buy-in from your entire team before you perform these steps.

Also, please perform these in a test sandbox before performing in the main Flosum org.

The Steps

If you would like to reset the repository, you need to delete all the data from the following objects:

  • Flosum__Commit_Manifest__c
  • Flosum__Commit__c
  • Flosum__Component_History__c
  • Flosum__Build_Manifest__C
  • Flosum__Build__C
  • Flosum__Component__C

Please note that the data from the above objects should be deleted in a particular order to take care of the referential integrity amongst the various objects.

Here is a sample script with the delete commands in the correct order which will help you reset the repository.

List <Flosum__Commit_Manifest__c> SobjLst4a = [select id from Flosum__Commit_Manifest__c];
delete SobjLst4a;

List <Flosum__Commit__c> SobjLst4b = [select id from Flosum__Commit__c];
delete SobjLst4b;

List <Flosum__Component_History__c> SobjLst1a =
[select id from Flosum__Component_History__c LIMIT 5000];
delete SobjLst1a;

List <Flosum__Build_Manifest__C> SobjLst5 = [select id from Flosum__Build_Manifest__C];
delete SobjLst5;

List <Flosum__Build__C> SobjLst6 = [select id from Flosum__Build__C];
delete SobjLst6;

List <Flosum__Component_History__C> SobjLst9 = [select id from Flosum__Component_History__C];
delete SobjLst9;

List <Flosum__Component__C> SobjLst10 = [select id from Flosum__Component__C];
delete SobjLst10;

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