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Purging data in Flosum


Snapshots take the largest storage in Flosum. However, not all snapshots are useful and they occupy unnecessary space in Flosum.

It is best to get rid of all the snapshots that are not used. If you are creating the patches from the repository, then you can delete all the snapshots.

However, patches references snapshots (records in metadata_items objects). So, if the snapshots are deleted, then it will be hard to deploy the patches.

Flosum has an analyzer function which will analyze unused snapshots and show the report.

Please follow the following steps:
1. Click on the Settings tab.
2. In the section "Purge Routine", click on "Analyze Snapshots".
3. Navigate to the reports section. Search for the report: Snapshots not referenced in patches.
4. If the column "No. of Metadata items" is zero, then you can safely delete the snapshot.



After deleting the snapshot, please clear it from the recycle bin as well.


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