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Initializing the repository


Release Management
Implementation Guide


    Core Setups
  • 1Overview
  • 2Installing Flosum
  • 3Setting up Flosum integration user
  • 4Connecting sandboxes to Flosum
  • 5Setting up users in Flosum
  • 6Setting org permissions
  • 7Decide on naming convention
  • 8Initialize the repository
  • 9Setting up workflow permissions
  • Application Development Flow
  • 10Pulling changes from dev sandboxes
  • 11Branching strategy
  • 12Conflict and Merge strategy
  • 13Static Code Analysis
  • 14Apex
  • 15Regression testing
  • 16Reference Architecture
  • Integrations
  • 17Jira
  • 18TFS/Azure Devops
  • 19Git Integrations
  • Compliance & Governance
  • 20Compliance & Governance

To start the implementation of Flosum, one of the main important activities is to populate the repository with the latest code from the production organization. To achieve this, please follow the following steps:

1. Register the production organization within Flosum
2. Create a snapshot of the production organization with the last modified days as zero. This will ensure that you are getting all the components from the production organization. (If you want managed package components also, please select the managed package namespaces towards the bottom of the Create Snapshot screen)
3. Open the SnapToRepoCommit page by following these instructions:

  • Go to Setup
  • Click on Develop
  • Click on Visualforce Pages
  • Find the page: SnapToRepoCommit
  • Click on SnapToRepoCommit
  • Click on Preview
  • Please see the Org and Snapshot to commit to Repository

Specify the organization name & the snapshot from which the components should be retrieved. All these components will be committed to the Repository.

This utility will copy all the components from the snapshot to the repository. If the component is already found in the repository, it will ignore it. If a different version of the component is found in the snapshot compared to the repository, it would create a new version in the repository.

Note: If any issues in initializing the Repository using a single snapshot, please take multiple snapshots based on component types. Move them into the Repository piecemeal. This will accomplish the same goal. 


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