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Post-install steps


Flosum has created new infrastructure to make the upgrade easy and painless.

Please do the following:
    • Click on Settings tab
    • Go to the Reset Settings section and click on "Launch to Reset Settings Page"
    • Under Profiles select the profiles you use (or select all of them), and Add them to Selected Profiles
    • Click Update for this section and each of the other sections on this page (Applications, Layouts).


The steps above will set Profiles, Application View, and Layouts for your Flosum use: 

    • Profiles: For the selected profiles, these steps will update the custom object permissions, field-level security, class permissions, Visualforce page access and record-type visibilities
    • Application View: For the Application View, these steps will rearrange the tabs to the Flosum default order
    • Layouts: For Layouts, these steps will update pages to the Flosum default layouts
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