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Recursive relationships


Data Migrators supports recursive relationships. The recursive relationships can be defined in the sequence. To define a recursive relationship, you can pick the field where the parent account id is maintained.

In addition to that, you can define the number of levels to traverse.

Let's say that the data in the account object looks like this:

Account ID  Parent Account ID Account Name Account Address Account Attribute 3
1001 100      
1002 100      
10010 1001      
10011 1001      
2001 100      
2002 100      
100100 10010      
200100 10010      

In the above case, users can pick the Parent Account ID and the number of levels that need to be traversed down in the hierarchy.

Let's assume that the user wants to pick all the child records of the ancestor with Account ID 100. In this case, they would pick the Parent Account ID which stores the information on the next level ancestor, and 3 as the number of levels to include the descendents of the Account ID 100.


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