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Limitations of Data Migrator


Here is the list of limitations for data Migrator:

  1. The data set filter does not work for formula fields.
  2. Data Migrator assumes that the source and target schema have exactly the same schema.
  3. The user with full access to the schema and read permissions to the data should be responsible for using Data Migrator.

The person who has created the data set must have read permissions to the object. Consider this scenario: User1 creates a data set for Object1, moves Field1 to the Selected Fields area, uses Field2 in Filter
User2 has CRUD permissions to Object1 but doesn't have FLS to Field1 and Field2

4. The records are migrated in the order of hierarchies, not in the order of record IDs. For example, a lead with an ID of 100 could be migrated after the lead with the ID of 500.



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