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Creating additional users in Flosum


When you spin a new org, there is only one user in the org with System Administrator profile. Using that user, you can create a new Profile for additional users and assign that profile to additional users.

Create new users using the Flosum profile
You may use the Flosum profile to create new users. The license type for the Flosum profile is Salesforce platform user. Alternatively, you can clone the Flosum profile to be used with Salesforce licenses.

Create new users using the chosen profile.

Grant access to Flosum Licenses

Please follow these steps to give users access to Flosum licenses.

  1. Login as System Administrator
  2. Click on Setup
  3. Click on Installed Packages
  4. Click on Manage Licenses (for Flosum)
  5. Click on Add users
  6. Add <the user> to the License
  7. Save.

Now, the user should be able to access Flosum.

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