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Assign Licenses to Flosum Users


Error Message: The Custom Object definition Org is part of the Appexchange Package Flosum, and requires a license to use.
Cause: This could happen for one of several reasons:

Reason 1:
You have installed Flosum in your sandbox.
Fix: We urge you to install Flosum in a new org. When you get Flosum from Appexchange, one of the options is to get a new org. We highly recommend this option.

Reason 2:
The user does not have the relevant licenses.
Fix: This is because the user does not have license permissions for the Flosum package. Please do the following:

  1. Login as System Administrator
  2. Click on Setup
  3. Click on Installed Packages
  4. Click on Manage Licenses (for Flosum)
  5. Click on Add users
  6. Add <the user> to the License
  7. Save.

Now, the user should be able to access Flosum.

Reason 3: This could also happen because your licenses have expired.


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