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Session Expired Message


What does the message mean? 

Flosum connects to your developer orgs, sandboxes and production orgs using OAuth connection. (For the rest of this note, these organizations are referred to as "Connected Organization"). To connect using OAuth, the source organization creates a token which is encrypted and stored by Flosum. Anytime Flosum makes a connection with the organization, it sends the token to that organization. These tokens expire very frequently -- as set by your admin policies. In such cases, Flosum gets a new token from the connected organization and stores the new token in the Flosum. This happens transparently in the background.
Similarly, the connected organizations maintains that Flosum can connect to it. This is maintained in the connected organization.

Session Expired Message
This message is seen when the Flosum makes a connection to the connected organization but the connected organization does not recognize Flosum. This typically happens when the connected organization is refreshed (i.e., a developer org or sandbox is refreshed).
In such instances, it is best to re-authenticate/re-connect the source organization from Flosum.
How to re-authenticate
To re-authenticate, please perform the following steps:
In the first browser, login into your Salesforce Org (such as your developer org).
  1. In the second browser, login to your Flosum Org.
  2. Click on the Orgs tab
  3. Click on the Org that shows "Session Expired" message.
  4. Click on Edit.
  5. If required, change the Org Name, Username, and the Type of the Org (whether it is Production or a sandbox).
  6. Now click the Authorize button and you will see a new URL. Copy the URL fully and carefully.
  7. Now go back to the first browser (Salesforce Org).
  8. Paste the entire URL in the browser tab
  9. You may get a message to accept the connection from an connected app. Click Accept.
  10. Salesforce will generate an OAuth token. Copy the OAuth token carefully.
  11. In the second browser, go back to the Flosum Org.
  12. Paste the OAuth token in the Authentication Code section on the Org page
  13. Click on Authorize
  14. Your Org is now registered with Flosum!
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