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Remote site settings


Flosum Remote Site Settings

Salesforce security prevents applications from accessing external network addresses unless they are registered as Remote Sites. To help our customers reduce their deployment overhead, Flosum has pre-registered all Salesforce remote sites. By default, we ship all the remote site settings for all the sites listed on the www.trust.salesforce.com including:

The following Remote Sites come pre-configured in Flosum out of the box:

  • NA0-NA29, NA31, NA32, NA34, NA41
  • APAC, AP0, AP1, AP2
  • EMEA, EU0, EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4, EU5
  • CS1- CS45, CS50, CS51, CS80, CS81, CS87
If you are using a custom domain, or for other reasons will be using a remote site not listed above, please refer to your Salesforce documentation for creating and registering Remote Sites.
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