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Integration with Agile Accelerator


Flosum provides an application on Appexchange that will help you to integrate Agile Accelerator(AA) with Flosum. This is a privately listed application since only Flosum customers can make use of this application.

Functional Overview:
The overview is separate by what happens in the two applications:

Various user stories, bugs, defects, new features, epics, etc. are created in Agile Accelerator. These are created as the work object in Agile Accelerator. This is where the functionality of Agile Accelerator (as far as the integration goes) ends.

There is a lot more functionality in AA but it does not affect the integration between Flosum and AA.

As developers work on their projects, they make changes to components and tag those components for every work item in Flosum. This can be done at branches or at patches.

From here, various branches/patches can be merged together for deployments. This helps protect the business users from the user story perspective rather than tracking history from a components perspective. (Visibility from the component level is also present). As deployments happen, the users will get notified will have visibility at the uses to the level as well as the components level.

In the screenshot below, you can see the mapping between the branch name and the work item. Also, you can see the list of components modified for a particular work item.

Needless to say, both applications are built on the force.com platform. So if you like to extend the functionality and/or modify the functionality, it is really easy to do so.

Reports: The following dashboards shows the status of the various user stories. It shows which components are under development, which user stories are in testing and which have been deployed to production.

Setup instructions:
To install Agile accelerator, please make sure that you have installed the following two patches:
 1. Flosum
 2. Agile accelerator
After you've installed the two packages, you can install the integration to Agile Accelerator and Flosum. Please access Agile accelerator from the following URL:

This package is not available on Appexchange.
Usage instructions:
This integration introduces a new tab: Work. At the very bottom of this tab, you can see the components that you can associate from the version control. As the developer keeps on making changes to the new components in version control, they can keep on adding those components to that particular work item.
After the feature is complete, the developer can transfer those components to a given patch. This is typically done by the release managers who are abreast of the features that should be promoted to the next organization.

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