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Optimizing your deployment

This document is recommended for special circumstances and does not apply to most customers.
Please do not use the contents of this document without prior consultation from Flosum.
There are various steps that can be taken to optimize Deployments and deployment times. These are listed below.
Skip the following associated meta data types if custom objects are added to a deployment:
  •   CustomField
  •   BusinessProcess  
  •   CompactLayout
  •   RecordType
  •   WebLink
  •   ValidationRule
  •   SharingReason
  •   ListView
  •   FieldSet
Skip the  following associated meta data types if workflows are added to a deployment: 
  •   WorkflowFieldUpdate
  •   WorkflowTask
  •   WorkflowAlert   
  •   WorkflowOutboundMessage  
  •   WorkflowRule
If there are a lot of components in the deployment, please break up the deployment as follows for optimal deployments.
Step 1: Deploy following meta data types(Binary files) in a deployment (They have no dependencies)
  • CustomLabel
  • DocumentFolder
  • Document
  • StaticResource
  • RemoteSiteSetting
If you have many documents and static resources then you can use multiple deployments for it.
Step 2: Deploy all remaining meta data types using another deployment. 
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