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Flosum Implementation Guide



Intended Audience

This document is intended for implementers of Flosum who are configuring and customizing a Flosum installation for production use. It is intended to be read after having completed the Flosum Trial, which introduces Flosum core concepts and approach. 

The Flosum Org

The Flosum Trial org, created when you download Flosum from Appexchange, comes with temporary licenses. Once you have completed the Trial, you have several options to move forward with a Flosum contract:

  • Have Flosum convert your Trial org license to an permanent org license
  • Have Flosum create a new org for you
  • Install a new Flosum org from Appexchange yourself (Flosum will convert the license to permanent)

Please read Flosum org for information on establishing your permanent org.

Your new Flosum org will be provisioned with Salesforce licenses.

Sandbox Strategy

There are many ways to allocate and organize your sandboxes.  Your sandbox strategy impacts how successfully you will be able to use Flosum features.

Review the various uses of sandbox environments in ALM and the reference implementation example. Consider your current sandbox structure and how you can apply this information to your business and development process requirements.

Flosum Integration User

To ensure trouble-free access and management of information between orgs, we recommend creating a common integration user with System Admininstrator privileges.

Flosum Security Model

Deciding on access for each of your users can become complex. Roles, Profiles, and Permissions will each influence the scope of your user’s activities. We recommend creating a permissions matrix to track these aspects of your users as you are defining them. You may also want to customize access to the tabs (such as the Settings tab).

Additional Repositories

Flosum supports multiple repositories. If you are planning on creating more than one repository please review this article on creating additional repositories.

Naming Conventions

Before you create snapshots, branches, deployments, commits, and other artifacts of the Flosum ALM process, we recommend creating a naming convention for these objects. This will help you recognize, find, communicate, and maintain these objects for future use.

Workflow Notifications

Flosum sends notifications that can be tailored for your org. You can also write your own notifications.

Governance Model

Flosum has many features that help you improve your governance model. From creating audit trails to adding customized validation logic Flosum supports your business governance needs.

Third Party Tools Integration

It is easy to integrate Flosum with third party tools such as Jira and Agile Accelerator. More and more tools are supporting Flosum integration.

Reports and Dashboards

Flosum comes with Reports and Dashboards that enable you to see your org activity at a glance. You can also create customized reports and dashboards for management, business, or technical reviews. Explore Flosum’s reporting capabilities.



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