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Flosum is a unique Application Lifecycle management solution that is built 100% on the Salesforce platform.

The advantages of a 100% force.com solution are:

  • Reduced training needs (your team already knows Salesforce)
  • Easy to extend & customize Flosum (extend & customize just like your main Salesforce org)
  • Adheres to your company's security & compliance policy
  • Same Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as your Salesforce org.

Deployment Hairball Problem

As developers deploy changes from org-to-org, over a period, they create hundreds of ANT scripts and/or Changesets. It is hard to keep track of who made the changes, who approved the changes, who deployed the changes, and so on. There is a loss of visibility, manageability and traceability.

Flosum as an Orchestration Layer

Flosum solves this problem.

Flosum sits at the heart of your Salesforce ecosystem and orchestrates all the changes across the ecosystem. It works like a traffic cop and ensures that developers don’t overwrite each other’s changes. In addition, Flosum enables full visibility and traceability into the changes being made to your development orgs.

Flosum provisions a new org for every customer. This org works as the central orchestration hub for the developer sandboxes, test sandboxes and production org.




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