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How to set up a new Git repository


Git repositories can be set up via multiple vendors. Below we share how to set one up with bitbucket.

  1. Go to bitbucket.org
  2. Click on the "Get Started" link on the top left of the page.
  3. Enter your email address on the screen that pops up.
  4. Give your name and password on the next screen.
  5. On submit, you will receive an email to verify your identity. Click the “Verify My Email Address” button in the mail.
  6. In the next screen, select a unique username for the bitbucket cloud and click Continue.
  7. You will see a Welcome screen. At this point in time your Bitbucket account is set up.
  8. Click on the “Create a Repository” link.
  9. Give the Repository a name as per your naming conventions and click the “Create Repository” button.
  10. Now your repository is created and you come to the Repository screen.BitBucketGitRepoSS.png
  11. Click on the "Create a README" button on the screen and the "Commit" button at the bottom of the following screen. Commit the changes on the pop up screen. 
  12. Click on the “Branches” link in the left menu. The screen that pops up will allow you to access the master and any other branches you later create. On the top left you have a “Create Branch” link
  13. When you click on a branch name, you are shown the branch hierarchy screen. Click the “Source” link in the menu on the left. Here you will be able to see the files and folders in this branch.
  14. When Flosum transfers components to a git branch, they can come under folders like Aura for AuraDefinitionBundles, Object for Custom Objects etc.
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