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Advanced Trial Concepts


Advanced Trial Concepts

Rollbacks enable you to undo changes created by a Patch deployment.

Schedule Deployments

Once you know your patch works flawlessly, use Flosum's Schedule Deployments feature to schedule future deployments automatically.

Destructive Changes

Over time it may be necessary to remove components from an organization.
For such situations, Flosum supports Destructive Changes.


Governance is a key feature of the Flosum ALM solution. Please find more information on our governance features at Flosum governance.

Snapshot Comparison

Flosum provides the ability to compare two orgs from any point in time by creating snapshots of the changes of two orgs and then comparing the two snapshots. See Snapshot Comparison for more details on this powerful feature. You can also access a snapshot comparison feature directly on the Org Detail page which scopes the snapshot to that org, allowing you to compare two points in time for the same org.


See the Flosum Reports and Dashboards that are available for your use.

Profile and Permission Set Migration

Migrating profiles and permission sets can be very painful. Flosum automates profiles and permission sets migration without you having to take any manual steps!


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