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The Flosum org


Flosum provides every customer with a new Salesforce org. This org is not a sandbox. This is a separate, production quality, Enterprise Edition org for your use only. The new org runs on production hardware on a Production pod hosted within the Salesforce data center. You do not need to contact Salesforce to procure this org. The new org is provided by Flosum when you install the package from the Salesforce Appexchange.

You will use this Flosum org to manage your Salesforce Application Lifecycle. This org works as the central orchestration hub for the developer sandboxes, test sandboxes, and production org activities you will be managing with Flosum. This org will house your Flosum Repository. This new org comes with 25 developer sandboxes.

This org is completely within your control and no other customer or Flosum personnel will have access to this org. Please keep this in mind when updating your usernames and passwords as Flosum has no way of retrieving that information.

Flosum recommends implementing Salesforce security best practices to achieve the level of security required by your enterprise.

Along with the org, Flosum will also provision Salesforce licenses in your org for each of the users who will be using Flosum. This gives you the ability to extend and modify Flosum as required.

Do not install Flosum in a sandbox, developer org, or production org.

If you are installing the org yourself, follow these steps to get Flosum and your new org from Appexchange.

Please be sure to record and store these items for future use:

  1. The org Username and password
    • required to gain access to your org
  2. The Flosum org ID
    • required to support your org for upgrades, troubleshooting, and maintenance
    • can be found at Setup->Administer->Company Profile->Organization ID


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