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Connecting Your Local Flosum Orgs to Main Flosum


The Register Flosum Org section of the Settings page is where you connect your sandbox to your main Flosum org. Execute the instructions below in each of your Local Flosum sandboxes. You will only need to do this once for each sandbox. After that it will connect automatically no matter how many times you delete and then re-connect your sandbox (except after sandbox refreshes).

  1. Set Organization Type
    (the type of org to which you are connecting your sandbox, usually Developer/Production)
  2. Click Authorize
  3. When the Salesforce login screen appears, enter the sysadmin credentials for your main Flosum org (the org to which you are connecting the sandbox)
  4. When prompted to Allow Access, select Allow

Your Settings page will expand to look like this, showing the Username of the connected Flosum main org.

Wait 10 minutes for the results of these actions to propagate through Salesforce.

This completes the registration of your Local Flosum sandbox with your Flosum main org.

You are now ready to begin using the Local Flosum features.


After going through the authentication app setup steps above, and then attempting to connect to your Local Flosum, you may see this error message:

When you get this error, it means that there has not been sufficient time lapse between setting up the connected app and using the connected app to generate the authentication (OAuth) code. Wait longer for these changes to propagate (it shouldn't be too much longer than 10 minutes but will vary based on the network and Salesforce latency).
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