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Resolving Code Conflicts with Local Flosum


After downloading changes from the Remote Repository and attempting to update the local sandbox with those changes, it is frequently the case that conflicts are detected – the code base has changed in either the local sandbox, the remote Repository, or both, in a way that is incompatible.

In that case, as described initially, Local Flosum will present a Conflict Resolution page, showing the state of each of the conflicts.

Conflicts shown with a green merge arrow are conflicts that Flosum is able to resolve:

Conflicts shown with a red Conflict button, are conflicts that must be resolved manually:

For each of those conflicts, Flosum can show you exactly where the conflict lies, and then lead you through the merge process to resolution.

Wherever you have a red Conflict button, you can click on the button to get line-by-line detail of the conflict.

For example, here on the left you see the differences in the source file, and on the right the destination file:

Clicking on the + symbol will move the change from the left to right, meaning the change will be merged with the destination file, as you specify, resolving the conflict. You can look at, and resolve, all the conflicts this way.

When you're satisfied with the results, click on the Apply Changes button:

The changes you accepted will be applied to your local sandbox.

Ignore local changes

If you have many red Conflict indicators Flosum has provided a checkbox at the top of the Conflict Resolution page (called Ignore local changes). Checking this checkbox tells Flosum to ignore the incompatible changes in your local org. Those conflicts become resolvable by Flosum (you'll see the red button become a green merge arrow). Flosum will then apply the incoming the code changes from the Repository to your local org.



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