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Creating a Connected App


When your sandboxes and Flosum orgs need to be connected and removed multiple times, using a Connected App automates and simplifies the process. You only need to do this once for each sandbox and thereafter you can remove and reconnect your orgs without needing to re-register each time.

Here are the steps to create a Connected App:

  1. Click on the Settings tab to see the OAuth Settings section.
  2. In the Connected App Name field enter a Connected App name of your choice. It is recommended you use a name that reflects the use, such as Flosum_Auto_Authentication. The name must follow these Salesforce guidelines:
    “Must be unique in your org, begin with a character, and contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores, but cannot end with an underscore or have two consecutive underscores.”
  3. Click Create. This will create a new Connected App with the name you gave above.
  4. Usually this process completes quickly, but please wait at least 10 minutes for the change to propagate through Salesforce.
  5. You can verify the create was successful by looking in your org Setup under 'Connected Apps' (Setup->Create->Apps at bottom of the page).


The demo below walks you through the steps of creating a connected app.


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  • Avatar
    Kevin Brown

    Shouldn't Item 5 read "You can verify the create was successful by looking in your org Setup under 'Connected Apps' (Setup->Manage Apps->Connected Apps at bottom of the page)."?

    ...instead of "...under 'Connected Apps' (Setup->Create->Apps at bottom of the page)."

  • Avatar
    Jonathon Jurisch

    Both options work to just see if it was installed, but to actually edit the Connected App you would want to use Setup-> Create-> Apps as depicted. Setup-> Manage Apps -> Connected Apps will allow you to edit the policies for the App but not change the actual settings.