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Authentication modes


Flosum supports two types of authentication modes:
Flosum's Automatic Authentication uses Connected Apps and the OAuth protocol to automatically authorize access between orgs that are being connected to the main Flosum org. This is the default method for connecting sandboxes and other (e.g. production) orgs to the main Flosum org.

Automatic authentication does not work for orgs that are housed in the same Instance (a.k.a. POD).

In most cases, automatic authentication is used to connect Flosum to developer or test sandboxes.

There are two cases where you would use Manual Authentication:

  1. When both the Flosum Org and the sandbox, or other org you are connecting to it, are housed in the same POD. For example, if both your Flosum org and your production org are housed in the NA35 POD, you would use Manual Authentication.
  2. If you are connecting a government org

For help with manual authentication, please create a ticket for assistance at http://support.flosum.com.


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