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Data Migrator Proof of Concept


Setting up data migrator is not always a trivial task. It requires knowledge of the application, schema as well as in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce technology.

Flosum can help setup data migrator for your organization. We would need a certain set of inputs from you in order to ensure that we are delivering according to your expectations.

1. ACCESS TO THE FULL SANDBOX: Data Migrator needs to be installed in the source org (where all the data is present). Data Migrator will be installed in this sandbox. Templates and Migration sequences will be created in this sandbox.

Please note: We would like for you to share specific sequencing goals and will need access to an Org (Sandbox) with source code for approximately 45 days.  In some cases, this will mean providing an IP address (or even IP range) to be White-listed to pass fire-wall

2. ACCESS TO THE TARGET SYSTEM: This would typically be the DeveloperPro Sandbox where the data needs to be moved.

We would need System Administrator privileges for both the source and target org. To create users for Source and Target org, please refer to the following instructions:

Please note: Same access requirements as step one above for target org

3. OBJECTS TO BE MIGRATED: Flosum would like to get a list of objects which need to be migrated from source system to the target system. As a setup, we can create one template and insert all the objects in that migration path.

4. (Optional) CRITERIA FOR THE OBJECTS: The purpose of data migrator is to migrate a subset of data from source to destination. It would be good to understand if you have any specific criteria of data to be migrated. If you do not specify any criteria, we will ensure that we have some records for each of the above-mentioned objects.

Once we get the above information, Flosum can setup the data migrator for your use.

In most cases, the setups should be sufficient and can be used over and over again. In other cases, minor tweaks may be required to create additional templates or variations of the above scenarios.



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