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January 2018 Release


Flosum is continuously enhancing our product based on your feedback. This is the list of changes included in our December 2017 Release.     

Edit code directly in Flosum

  • It is now possible to edit code directly in Flosum before deployments. This functionality is available from the patch manifest related list.  Users can now click on the "Edit" link next to a component to make changes and save them. This enables developers to make quick changes just before deployment. 

Default option to run tests

  • A new "Default" test option has been added for deployments. Selecting this option will start the deployment without specifying any test level. The test execution will depend on the contents of the deployment package. If only declarative components are being deployed, then the apex tests will not be run. If the apex classes are being deployed, then the apex tests will run for production orgs and will be skipped in sandboxes.

Unlimited components can be added to a patch

  • It is now possible to move an unlimited number of components from a branch to a patch, whereas the previous limit was 7,500 components.

Improved performance for snapshot creation

  • Creating a snapshot with custom fields is now much faster. It is specific to the filter combination of Custom Field and Component Name.

Help text for Snapshot creation

  • On the snapshot creation screen, tips now appear that will help you to optimize your query in order to speed up snapshot creation. For example, a tip might read: "Please specify the component type(s) to speed up the retrieval."

New "Select All" option in snapshot to branch transfer

  • Previously, when moving snapshot components to a branch, "select all" only worked at page level. If you had 10 pages of components, you would have to navigate each page and do a select all. Now with a single checkbox on the first page, you can select all the components in the snapshot for transfer to a branch. 

 Git Integration

  • Flosum now supports a bi-directional integration with Git. Metadata in Flosum repository and branches can be automatically synchronized with Git master and child branches. 

Manually edit code during merge

  • Users can now manually edit the code in Flosum.. The two versions of code appear in side-by-side windows, and code can be copied and pasted from one version to another. This allows you to make any change you desire to your components.


  • Connection timeout issues when creating snapshots using the new screen has been fixed. This required the filter logic option to be removed since it is not compatible with the new snapshot creation design.
  • An issue with all flows not getting retrieved by snapshot has been fixed.
  • Special characters in picklists will no longer cause issues in record type deployments.
  • An error that previously occurred in some rare conditions when doing snapshot to branch and is now fixed.
  • If Salesforce does not give a response back on deployment, a specific message is now given by Flosum. 
  • Salesforce disabled javascript in Hyperlink formula fields in Winter '18 release. This impacted some Flosum screens, but the issue is now fixed.
  • Profiles had some issues with IP ranges. They have been fixed. 
  • Occasionally very large patch to branch moves, would show a "Too many DML rows" error. This has been fixed. 


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