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Setting up workflow permissions


Release Management
Implementation Guide


    Core Setups
  • 1Overview
  • 2Installing Flosum
  • 3Setting up Flosum integration user
  • 4Connecting sandboxes to Flosum
  • 5Setting up users in Flosum
  • 6Setting org permissions
  • 7Decide on naming convention
  • 8Initialize the repository
  • 9Setting up workflow permissions
  • Application Development Flow
  • 10Pulling changes from dev sandboxes
  • 11Branching strategy
  • 12Conflict and Merge strategy
  • 13Static Code Analysis
  • 14Apex
  • 15Regression testing
  • 16Reference Architecture
  • Integrations
  • 17Jira
  • 18TFS/Azure Devops
  • 19Git Integrations
  • Compliance & Governance
  • 20Compliance & Governance

The table below lists the new Email Alert event notifications supported in Flosum, February 2017.

Note: For the best experience with this feature:

  • Since the new push notifications are not automatically enabled during upgrade, we recommend your activate the workflow events once upgrade has been completed.
  • You may change the notification message for any of the events.
  • We recommended you create a new group to receive workflow notifications then add all your active Flosum users to the group.

Event Name



Whenever a component is committed to the branch, Flosum ensures that there are no conflicts with the other components on active branches. If any of the components committed are also present on other active branches, a notification is sent out.


On the completion of a build.


On commit to the repository.


When a new org is registered.


On patch deployment.


On batch validation and unpatched validation


On  completion of a snapshot


On completion of test execution (for every Org)



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