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Metadata API version 40


In the September 2017 release, Flosum upgraded to MetaData API version 40. This version introduces new metadata types which are now integrated with the Flosum solution.

However, some of the components are not backwards compatible. That is, if components were retrieved using the older version of metadata API, those components may not be deployable using the new version of metadata API. 

It may be required to retrieve the components again using the metadata API version 40 (that is, the latest version of Flosum). 

The following are the new components introduced by Salesforce which have been added to Flosum: 

  1. Flexipage
  2. CleanDataService
  3. Duplicate Rules
  4. CspTrustedSite
  5. EclairGeoData
  6. ExternalServiceRegistration
  7. UserCriteria
  8. BrandingSet
  9. ProfilePasswordPolicy
  10. ProfileSessionSetting

Permission Set changes in API Version 40:

In API 39.0 and earlier, when you deploy your retrieved permission set output to another org, the contents of deployment are merged with your current org data. However, in API version 40.0, when you deploy the output of the retrieval to another org, the target org data is replaced by the metadata in the deployment.

For example, in API version 39.0, if your permission set contains the "Manage Roles" user permission and you deploy a metadata file without this user permission, "Manage Roles" remains enabled. However, in API version 40.0, if you deploy a metadata file without this user permission, "Manage Roles" is disabled.

That is, Salesforce expects you to retrieve the full definition of the permission set and deploy the full definition. Deploying partial definition of permission set may result in loss of data.

Therefore, the functionality of deploying partial permission sets has been taken away from Flosum.


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