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Getting Started With Snapshots





Snapshots retrieves the components that have changed in your source organization. If a developer has been working on a feature for the last two days and s/he wants to identify the changes that have been made over that period, Snapshots is the optimal way to retrieve changes from the source org.

When retrieving the changes, you can specify:

  • Number of days: Flosum goes to the source organization, investigates all the changes made within that date range and stores those metadata definitions within Flosum.
  • Types of Metadata components: You can ask Flosum to retrieve all types of metadata components or cherry-pick a subset of them. For example, Flosum can get all the changes for custom objects, but ignore the changes made for VisualPage and Apex. If a developer is aware that s/he has made changes in only certain components - which belong to a specific set of metadata types - then this is the fastest way to retrieve changes from the source org.


Make changes in the source organization.

1. Login to your source organization.
2. Create a brand new Visualforce page and a custom object in the source organization.


Creating a snapshot to retrieve changes in the last one day.

  1. Log into the Flosum organization.
  2. Go to Orgs Tab.
  3. Select the source organization.
  4. Click on Create Snapshots.
  5. Specify an appropriate Snapshot Name's SourceSnapshot. Specify Last Modified In Days as 1
  6. Check the Metadata Types box for selecting all metadata types
  7. Wait for a couple of minutes. Refresh the screen until the Is Completed? The field is check-marked to indicate that the snapshot has completed.

Result: Flosum will retrieve the changes that have been completed in the source organization in the last day.

Congratulations! You have successfully retrieved the changes from your source org.

Next, we will deploy these changes to the target org.

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