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Scheduling Deployments




Deploying changes to organizations has been a high-touch event. Often, for deploying changes to the production org, release managers and engineers are expected to be at the office over a weekend to mitigate issues of code coverage, Apex test cases and other manual steps.

With Flosum's patch capability, the deployment process has been simplified and streamlined, making it possible to test and validate for success prior to the actual deployment. Given that you have ensured that the patch works flawlessly, there is no need to be physically present to do a deployment at a time (usually odd hours over the weekend) that is least disruptive for your customers. Flosum provides the Schedule Deployments feature so that you can schedule the upgrades of multiple orgs in an automated way.

Steps to Schedule Deployments:

  1. Click on the Patches tab and select Patch Name TargetPatch
  2. Click on Schedule Deployment
  3. Select the Target Org that you want to deploy to
  4. Specify Date & Time of Deployment
  5. Click on Schedule Deployment
  6. You should see Success: Deployment Scheduled Successfully at (specified time).
  7. Validate: Click on the Patches tab and select Patch Name TargetPatch.

Results: Scroll to the Metadata Logs section where you will see an entry marked as Schedule Deployment

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