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Connecting Your Orgs To Flosum




In this step, we will install Flosum and connect Flosum with your orgs. The next step is to register your production org and sandboxes with Flosum.

Please do not use Internet explorer for this step. You will need two different browsers. for example, Chrome and Firefox.

Get Flosum and your new org from Appexchange:

  1. Log out of all Salesforce environments
  2. Go to the Flosum download page on Salesforce Appexchange
  3. Click on Get it Now
  4. Click on I Don't Have a Login, Continue as a Guest
  5. Fill the form
    • For Username, use any unique name in the form of an email address
    • For Email, please use a business email - non-business email addresses may not be provisioned
  6. Click Sign me up!
  7. You will receive an email from Salesforce support (at the email address you provided on the form) to verify your account. Follow the instructions to finish setting up the account.
  8. When complete you'll be logged in to your new org.

Your new Flosum org tabs should look like this:


Orgs are registered with Flosum using secure OAuth calls to authorize access.

Flosum doesn't store, and can't retrieve, any passwords. This is something you will want to keep in mind when changing your org usernames and passwords.

Step 1: Please follow the instructions in this article to create a Connected App.

Step 2: Now you can register your sandboxes to connect them to your main Flosum org:

  1. Go to the Orgs tab
  2. Click on the New button in the Recent Orgs section
  3. Enter the Organization Name (found in the Company Profile section of the org Setup page)
  4. Choose the Organization Type
  5. Click on Authorize
  6. When the Salesforce login screen is presented, enter the credentials of the sandbox or other org you are connecting to Flosum.
  7. You will then be redirected back to your Flosum org with the newly registered org visible in the Recent Orgs list.

Repeat from step 2 to register more orgs.

The demo below walks you through these steps.



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