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Need For A Separate Org - Setting Up




The Need For A Separate Org

Many customers are curious to know: Why does Flosum have its own org?

Flosum provisions a new org to keep the business activity separate from the IT activity. However, the Flosum package can also be installed in the production org if needed.

Flosum stores a lot of governance related information which is used by auditors at the end of the year. If Flosum was installed in a sandbox, the information could be easily wiped with an accidental refresh.

This is the reason Flosum provisions a new org to every customer.

Let's Create A New Flosum org

When you use Flosum, it is important to ensure that you have not installed Flosum in one of your sandboxes, developer org or production orgs. To use Flosum, we recommend getting a new Enterprise edition production quality org from Appexchange.

The following are steps to ensure that you have installed Flosum in a new org.

  1. Logout of Salesforce (all environments).
  2. Click on the Appexchange link for Flosum
  3. Click on Get it Now
  4. Click on I don't have a login
  5. Fill the form
    • For the user name, create any username. For example, if you are Bill Gates, create bill.gates@flosum.microsoft.demo. We recommend using a .demo or .test for the domain name. The username needs to be in the email address format.
    • For the email address, please use your corporate email address.
  6. If it asks you to install in Production, Sandbox or New org. Please pick a new org.
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